Deep in the heart of new york, there is a little town no one knows of, well only its inhabitants. A while back, strange things started happening and then came the murders..who is it? and why are they doing it?
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Bloody Knife

"Ellie, It Will Be Okay.." - Mona Jones To Ellie Daniels

♀Mona Jones, 18, Innocent, Jena Malone


Mona grew up with no family what so ever and it never really affected her, she was always determined to make others happy. Mona always had her bestfriend/lover Ellie, she loved spending time with her and always spending time with Ellie’s family.


Mona is known for being very sweet and smooth when it comes to the ladies, she is also very kind to animals and loves working with them. She has a big heart and has room for many people inside it, she will never let anyone down and will always be there when someone needs her. Shes secretly inlove with Ellie Daniels.

Mona Jones is currently Open

Most ‘Coming Soon’ Roles Will Open Up When We Get People Applying

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